I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Do you feel trapped?

Do you feel trapped in sexual addiction? Out of control? Tired of living a double life? Feeling alone and hopeless? Experiencing shame and guilt? Suffering consequences from your bad choices?

Are those some of the words that describe you?

You are not alone! 

You are not alone!

Today many men feel the same way that you do because they have believed the lie that porn will satisfy. But porn never satisfies. Men are left with more emptiness and a deeper longing for love and intimacy. Shame and guilt lead to more emotional separation from those we love. Porn also can lead to other destructive sexual behavior and further alienation from God and others.

“ A man who isolates himself is subject to wrong desires, he quarrels against sound wisdom.”

Proverbs 18:1.

Are you ready for a change?

Today you can become part of a group of men who are willing to battle for sexual purity. This battle for sexual purity in a hostile world is the biggest battle of your life. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to fight lust and destructive sexual behavior? Your increased resolve and willpower are not enough. The battle for purity cannot be fought alone.

We need  a fellowship of real men.

Get Connected Today

Each man owns his own recovery. Finishing Strong provides the tools for recovery and the fellowship of other men. 

“Finishing Strong has been and continues to be one of the important elements of my recovery journey. Over the years Finishing Strong has helped me find freedom from my destructive sexual behavior and has helped me deepen my relationship with God and others in my life. Finishing Strong is where my ‘real’ friends hang, friends that I enjoy doing life with, guys I can be open with. I hope men, no matter what life situation they find themselves in can experience the freedom from addiction that Finishing Strong has given me.”
Finishing Strong Participant